5 reasons why Anthony Edwards is a better star for NBA’s ‘Quarterback’ counterpart than NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes was

Anthony Edwards, along with four other stars, has been named as the focus of Netflix’s new series focusing on NBA players. The series is reportedly modeled after the streaming service’s “Quarterback” show which follows NFL stars throughout the season. On the heels of the success of that series, Netflix adapted the idea to the NBA.NBA insider Shams Charania broke the news, naming LeBron James, Jayson Tatum, Jimmy Butler, Domantas Sabonis and Edwards as the players featured. In addition, Charania reported that the new series, which has already begun taping, will be produced by a trio of high-profile figures.

LeBron James’ SpringHill company, NFL legend Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions and former U.S. President Barack Obama’s Higher Ground Productions will all collaborate. With that in mind, let’s look at why Anthony Edwards is the perfect player to be featured in the series.

Five reasons Anthony Edwards is a better star for Netflix’s new series than Patrick Mahomes was for the NFL
#5: Logistics of NBA seasonMinnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets
Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Houston Rockets

While Netflix was able to follow Patrick Mahomes around for the entirety of the NFL season, the league’s season is far shorter than the NBA’s season. The NFL season spans over five months, with teams playing once a week, while the NBA season consists of 82 games over six to eight months.Given that, producers will have plenty of opportunity to capture high-quality content and behind-the-scenes footage of Anthony Edwards. With more time to film and more footage to choose from, Netflix can ensure viewers are getting only the best content.

#4: Public perceptionAnthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards
The public perception of Patrick Mahomes’ family isn’t the best. NFL fans have long been critical of the Super Bowl champion’s wife for making herself the center of attention in situations where she shouldn’t be.In addition, Patrick Mahomes’ brother, who has made a name for himself as a social media influencer, has found himself involved in controversies. On one occasion, for example, he danced on a roped-off logo on the field honoring a dead player, while on another he was charged with aggravated sexual assault and battery in May.

#3: Timberwolves are having a historic yearAnthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards
One of the best reasons that Anthony Edwards is the perfect player to be featured in the new Netflix NBA series is the historic season the Timberwolves are having. Due largely in part to Edwards’ contributions, the Timberwolves (26-10) sit atop the West.With filming already underway for the series, the show will be able to capture much of the second half of the Timberwolves’ season. If the team keeps up the success and makes a deep playoff run, the timing of the series will be as close to perfect as producers can hope for.

#2: Anthony Edwards’ on-screen personaAnthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards
Edwards has never been shy around cameras, earning him plenty of attention from fans online for his candid moments and hot-takes. Before becoming an NBA star, he boldly proclaimed that he could also make it in the MLB if he chose to.In another instance, he proclaimed that he’s one of the best bowlers in the world, with the clip going viral as fans weighed in. Given how candid of a character Edwards is on-screen, the Netflix series is sure to produce quality clips that go viral.Edwards also made his film debut in the 2022 Netflix film “Hustle,” playing a star NBA prospect who is the antagonist in the movie.

#1: Edwards is having a career yearAnthony Edwards
Anthony Edwards
One of the best reasons why Anthony Edwards is the perfect player to feature in the new series is the career year he’s having. After taking the league by storm in the 2020-21 season, Edwards has continued to elevate his game to the next level.He is averaging career highs in points and assists, while also averaging a career-high 38.5% from downtown. In addition, he’s also recently been involved in a bit of a scandal himself after screenshots showed him allegedly urging a girl he was involved with to get an abortion.With Edwards firmly cementing himself as the future of the NBA, and one of the faces of the next generation of hoopers, the Netflix series comes at the perfect time. As he and the Minnesota Timberwolves look to build on the success of the first half of the season, Netflix will have plenty of content to work with.In addition, if he helps lead the Timberwolves to a stunning playoff run, the timing of the series could help him go from an NBA star to a household name. Given the hype surrounding the show, it’s safe to say that fans are eagerly awaiting a release date.