Am I at the safety side? Donna Kelce Asked Bizarre Question About Taylor Swift Menopause. Hope my son “Travis Kelce” is safe if the two lovers get married?

Donna Kelce gave some menopause advice for Taylor Swift after being asked a “wild” question by a journalist, with footage of the moment going viral.

The 71-year-old is the mother of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce, who began dating the singer in July. On Wednesday, while attending QVC’s “The Age of Possibility” event, Donna Kelce was approached by a reporter for women’s health outlet Flow Space.

What advice would you give to somebody, or like a spoiler alert, that you might share with—oh, someone like Taylor Swift—about menopause?” the reporter asked.

“Jeez, um,” Donna replied. The football mom took a moment to mull things over before recommending that Swift “Wear light clothing and have a fan around you at all times.”

Some users were unimpressed with the “odd” question choice.

“This is an insane question,” commented a TikToker named Victoria.

The video went viral after being shared on TikTok, receiving over 240,000 views and almost 14,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

This question is actually crazy,” Luvena wrote.

“What the hell?” asked @swiftreads.

“Marketing team u gotta give this one up it’s strange,” said Madison.