‘Bloody Hell’- Serena Williams’ Former Coach Ridicules Jelena Ostapenko After Her Vicious Brisbane International Outburst

The spectators experienced a moment of rage recently as Jelena Ostapenko lashed out at an umpire at the Brisbane International. Her match against the Belarusian tennis veteran Victoria Azarenka was interrupted as the umpire made a decision, that the Latvian didn’t really seem to like.

It has not been long since the incident happened and players are still talking about who actually was at fault. Besides all other observations, renowned coach Rennae Stubbs‘ witty thoughts came out to be completely against the tennis star who lashed out at the umpire.

Serena Williams’ former coach questions the tennis knowledge of Jelena Ostapenko

In a recent match at the Brisbane International, tennis player Jelena Ostapenko lashed out in frustration against the umpire Julie Kjendlie as she expressed dissatisfaction with the umpiring decisions during the game against Victoria Azarenka. As the incident took place in Brisbane, discussions instantly began on social media, extending it to Serena Williams’ former coach Rennae Stubbs.

Umpire Julie Kjnedlie must just look at her schedule when she gets Ostapenko and say “oh bloody hell”… seriously does she know what a double bounce actually is????? 😂

— Rennae Stubbs 🇦🇺👍🏼 (@rennaestubbs) January 6, 2024

The renowned coach came up with her thoughts on the situation as she wrote, “Umpire Julie Kjnedlie must just look at her schedule when she gets Ostapenko and say ‘oh bloody hell’… seriously does she know what a double bounce actually is?????”

The renowned coach’s tweet surely added a layer of lightheartedness to the situation as a whole but came out to be insulting against the Latvian. As the heat appears to be in control as of now, it still remains to be seen if Ostapenko accepts or extends this remark. Apart from Stubbs, Ostapenko’s recent opponent also had some thoughts to share.

Victoria Azarenka shares her thoughts on facing Ostapenko
Besides the ones outside of the game, the 26-year-old’s opponent, Victoria Azarenka also shared words that regarded her as a tough competitor. After defeating the Latvian in the quarter-finals, Azarenka said, “With Jelena, sometimes you have to put on a helmet and try to stay in there.”

The tennis veteran continued to appreciate her opponent’s competitive levels as she added, “She has proved she can beat anyone on any given day. She makes you fight for every point, she was blasting returns, blasting winners. The quality of tennis was incredible, so to be able to go through … I’m very proud.” With a fighting performance and words of praise for her opponent, Azarenka earned herself a ticket to the semi-finals of the Brisbane International.