Breaking News: Court order in Chiefs’ Rashee Rice case focuses on phone records, guns, cars

According to court records Rice agreed that he would not destroy any credit cards, debit cards, or receipts for any purchases he made within six hours of the crash. The restraining order also preserves any cell phone records, GPS information, and any blood or urine reports involving Rice that were taken shortly after the crash.In addition, the judge ordered Rice, Knox, and Bush, Jr., from altering or destroying any fire arms that may have been in either the Corvette or the Lamborghini, and also the license plates of each car.

The negligence lawsuit, filed by Kamlesh Desai, of Dallas County, seeks more than $1 million.

The lawsuit claims Rice and Knox were speeding when the crash happened. It also claims Desai was injured in the collision, and those injuries may be permanent. He also claims to continue to suffer both physical and mental pain following the crash.

The lawsuit seeks money to cover medical care and expenses related to the crash, as well as any future medical bills. It also seeks lost wages and lost earnings capacity.