Breaking news : Patrick Mahomes made downhearted announcement “I Can’t Take It”

The Chiefs’ QB Patrick Mahomes enjoyed an extended weekend last week attending multiple events. He hosted his foundation’s charity event in Las Vegas and then went on a double date with his teammate Travis Kelce and pop icon Taylor Swift. In addition to that, he made an appearance in WWE Raw on Monday night where he gave his Super Bowl rings to Logan Paul to use as a weapon.

It seemed like Mahomes was balancing his parenting and partying quite nicely. But in a recent podcast show, the quarterback talked about the impact of fatherhood on his fun time with his teammates and friends.

Mahomes’ Life As a Parent
Patrick Mahomes has two kids with his wife Brittany Mahomes. His daughter Sterling is three years old and his son Bronze turned one in November last year. A parent’s life is always affected by their children and the three-time Super Bowl winner is no exception.

Mahomes said on Logan Paul’s podcast show Impulsive that he has to choose between going out to party and spending quality time with his kids. He used to go partying a lot whenever he wanted but then he became a parent, he added.

Mahomes Praises the Kelce Brothers
Amid other discussions about Super Bowl LIX and Tom Brady’s legacy, Mahomes talked about how he can’t go partying like Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce. He can’t keep up with the Kelce brothers although he used to think that he could, Mahomes told Paul.

Mahomes said that Jason Kelce has three kids as well but whenever he chooses to go, he can go but it isn’t the same with him. The 3-time Super Bowl MVP praised his teammate, Travis Kelce saying that Kelce puts on a persona and is very intelligent.