Breaking News : Taylor Swift has been “FUMMING” with anger after Heidi Gardner made a comment about Travis Kelce ‘I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIS BODY AFTER BEING IN BED WITH HIM’.

Taylor swift Angrily Immediately SNL Star Reveals She Fell In Love With Travis Kelce Body After Being In Bed With Him, And She Also Open Up On The Possibility Of Travis Kelce Falling In Love With Her in the Future.

Ever since Swift and Kelce went public with their relationship, multiple celebrities and friends have reached out to support the couple. This includes movie and TV stars hoping that Kelce and Swift stay together.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, “The Hills” actress Heidi Montag spoke about the new power couple.

Montag added that she can easily see Travis Kelce and the “Blank Space” singer with two to three kids and how they can travel the world while building their family:

“They’re both very mobile for their jobs, so they could live anywhere they wanted and continue to travel and have family to help them.”