Brittany Mahomes’ Heart-Melting New Photos of Daughter Sterling Prove She’s a Daddy’s Girl Through & Through

Brittany Mahomes celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs win against the Cincinatti Bengals on New Year’s Eve by sharing the sweetest photos of her daughter Sterling, who turns 3 next month.

“My heart❤️💛,” Brittany captioned a series of photos that show Sterling’s delighted reaction to her dad Patrick Mahomes’ win. In the first photo, Brittany wears a red plaid coat and holds Sterling as they meet Patrick on the field after the game. The toddler is dressed warmly in a black ADIDAS puffer jacket with a white beanie that has her dad’s number “15” embroidered on the top. The little girl has the biggest toothy smile on her face as she looks at her dad, and you can tell she is so proud of him.

mouth is open even wider as she seems to be cheering for her dad, who is standing behind Brittany. Our hearts = melted.

Other pictures in the carousel include one of Brittany kneeling down to get on her daughter’s level and smiling at her; Brittany holding a happy Sterling on the sidelines; and Sterling grinning at the camera with a face that is her mom’s mini-me. (See the photos HERE.)

Even Brittany Mahomes has some! #ClimbingToys

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“These girls and their daddy’s 😭😭,” one person commented on the cute pictures.

“You can feel their love for each other through those two pics! The bestest Dad and the sweetest girl!!!” another said.

Someone else wrote, “The love in your eyes when you look at your daughter….awesome mommy!!!❤️🙌🔥”

New Year’s Eve wasn’t the only holiday the Mahomes family spent on the football field — the Chiefs quarterback also had a game on Christmas Day.

“I’m a little disappointed I’m going to miss Christmas Eve with my kids and Christmas morning and miss Santa coming,” the NFL star recently told Pro Football Talk about Sterling and his son Bronze, 1. “…I’ll be able to spend the evening with them and open presents with them then. So it’ll be a great opportunity. I’m excited for that.”

Despite having to work over the holidays, Patrick does his best to stay present with his kids during his time off.

“When my kids grow up, I wanted them to see that dad wasn’t just gone just to be gone. I was gone doing something, to build, to be great. And so, whenever they get older, they can see how hard I worked,” he told CBS Mornings.

He added, “I think now, being able to go home and see my daughter and see my son, I have a better understanding of being present and enjoying it.”

And you can clearly see how much his daughter Sterling enjoys seeing her dad, too.