Brittany Mahomes Shares a Look at Son Bronze’s Perfect, Luscious Curls & This $6 Hair Product Is Likely the Secret

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It’s official, ladies and gents! Bronze Mahomes has the same luscious locks that his big sister Sterling, 2 has. Brittany Mahomes shared a Boomerang on her Instagram Story of her 1-year-old from behind, and his silky, shiny curls were on full display.

“The curls I just can’t take it,” Brittany wrote. And same. Is it bad to be jealous of a baby?

We bet we know just how little Bronze got those enviable curls. Last year, Brittany shared in an Instagram Q&A the secret behind her daughter Sterling’s curls. And, of course, some of it is probably genetic. (Dad Patrick Mahomes has curly hair and Brittany has a bit of wave too.)

But when one follower asked, “Products for Sterling’s hair? Her curls are so beautiful,” the co-owner of the Kansas City Current had no problem sharing the secret to the sheer perfection.

“Water and this,” she said.

Bronze Mahomes’s Luscious Curls May Be Thanks to This $6 Hair Product
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