Chiefs’ Travis Kelce says team’s slump is not due to an individual: ‘It’s everybody on the team’

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce addressed his team’s recent slump Wednesday, saying it isn’t just one individual who is responsible.

“It’s not just one guy,” Kelce said on his “New Heights” podcast with his brother Jason. “It’s not just me playing like dog s—. It’s not just us not being able to get the run game going. It’s not just us not being on the same page, passing-wise. Everybody’s in this f—ing thing together. Everybody at some point isn’t being accountable.”

The two-time Super Bowl champion was visibly frustrated on the sideline during the Chiefs’ 20-14 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day. But Kelce’s frustration extends past Week 16. Kansas City has lost three of its last four games and has already doubled last season’s loss total.

The Chiefs’ six losses are the franchise’s most since 2017 when Kansas City went 10-6 and lost a wild-card matchup to the Tennessee Titans.

“Every single play is somebody not doing their job,” Kelce said. “And it’s me … it’s everybody on the team. And whether that’s prep, whether that’s having the confidence and understanding of what the defense is in their coverages, their gaps in the run game, how we’re picking up blitzes, how we’re running routes versus certain coverages. All the above.”

While the eight-time Pro Bowlers’ irritation is understandable, the Chiefs (9-6) still sit atop the AFC West standings and are third in the AFC. Kansas City can clinch the division with a win Sunday over the Cincinnati Bengals.