Coachella 2024 | Why are people suddenly thinking Taylor Swift might make an appearance?

With Coachella Festival 2024 only one more sleep away, suddenly the prospect of a Taylor Swift appearance is on many attendees’ minds.

2024 certainly feels like a year of Swift-spotting; fans tuned into the Super Bowl this year to watch if Taylor Swift would take to the field to greet her championship-winning beau Travis Kelce as much as they did to see the Kansas City Chiefs win the big one.

Now, many are suggesting that they might spot Taylor Swift at this year’s Coachella Festival, kicking off Friday (April 12 2024), and not just in a backstage capacity either – there are some thoughts she may actually perform.

But rather than a secret set akin to what the Foo Fighters pulled off at last year’s Glastonbury Festival, under the moniker “The Churn Ups,” instead some believe that with the many acts performing this year that have either collaborated with Swift or been signal-boosted by the musician, perhaps a cameo appearance in one of their set’s might be on the cards?

So if that is indeed the case, who could she guest with at this year’s festival? NationalWorld takes a look at the line-up and the set times for those artists who have worked with Swift before, just in case she does decide to surprise everyone.

Who could Taylor Swift join on stage at Coachella Festival 2024?
Lana Del Rey (Friday, 11:20pm, Coachella Stage)

Perhaps the biggest possibility of a Taylor Swift cameo at the Coachella Festival could come during Lana Del Rey’s headlining slot on Friday night – if it doesn’t distract from the rumoured Bond theme singer too much.

Swift released a deluxe version of “Midnights” with a remastered version of their duet, dubbed “Snow on the Beach (feat. More Lana Del Rey).”

“I had no idea I was the only feature,” Del Rey told Billboard. “Had I known, I would have sung the entire second verse like she wanted.”

“She was very adamant that she wanted me to be on the album, and I really liked that song,” she continued. “I thought it was nice to be able to bridge that world, since Jack (Antonoff) and I work together and so do Jack and Taylor.”

Bebe Rexha (Sunday, 6:50pm – 7:45pm, Coachella Stage)
If Taylor Swift were to guest during a set at the Coachella Festival, then money could also be on Bebe Rexha’s set taking place on Sunday on the main stage at the event. Swift has previously covered Rexha’s work during her live shows, performing “Meant To Be,” while also going on record in 2019 to defend the singer over ageist allegations against her record company.

Ice Spice (Saturday, 8:30pm – 9pm, Sahara)
Ice Spice seems to be one of the newer members of “The Squad,” after the hip-hop artist worked with Taylor Swift on a remix of “Karma,” originally released on Swift’s 2022 album “Midnights.”

Discussing the invitation to collaborated with Swift on the track, Ice Spice told he Today show back in March of this year ““I started crying when I heard about it,” Spice said. “I was like, ‘No, you’re lying. That’s not real!’ I was so emotional, it was like tears of joy, of course. But, just grateful — iconic.”

Bleachers (Saturday, 6:50pm – 7:35pm, Mojave)
Bleacher’s happens to be the project of Jack Antonoff – the producer du jour known for his works with Taylor Swift, Lorde and a “who’s who” of pop talent since the mid-2010s.

After Swift released “Midnights,” she promoted the lead single “Anti-Hero” with a slew of remixes, including one with Antonoff’s vocals. Bleachers is officially credited as the featured artist.

Could Taylor Swift perform a surprise solo set at Coachella Festival 2024?

Wishful thinking – but a surprise set at Coachella Festival 2024 tieing in with the release of “The Tortured Poets Department,” out next Friday (April 19 2024) is not outside the realms of thinking. There is after all a gap in her “Era’s” tour schedule that conveniently takes place during the two weekends of Coachella.

She wouldn’t be the first to pull off such a feat either – Kendrick Lamar surprised everyone when he guested during SZA’s set in 2018, while Madonna’s 2006 performance in the Sahara tent was an unexpected highlight, offering a memorable mix of her hits in a setting that was unusual for the pop superstar.

How can I watch the Coachella Festival 2024 at home?
Coachella festival will be streamed live on YouTube through the official Coachella YouTube channel. All six stages of the festival will have their own live feed. You can click on any of the embedded players below to watch the festival live.

In addition, the channel will also repeat the livestream line-up from each day after the final set of the night. The re-run will continue to play until the next day’s livestream starts. Festival highlights will also be available on demand.

For the first time, a multi-view feature will also be introduced, allowing viewers to watch up to four stage performances at once via the YouTube app. Viewers can monitor each act and select audio from one at a time.