During a monologue on his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel roasted both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce and fans have reacted accordingly…

Jimmy Kimmeel Took Aim at Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — And Fans Have Thoughts.

Travis Kelce signed a two-year contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is now the highest-paid tight end in the NFL — deservedly so,” Kimmel began on the April 30 episode. “His new contract is worth $34 million, or, as Taylor Swift calls it, ‘Gum money.’”

“Can you imagine being in a relationship where you make $34 million and you’re still the broke boyfriend?” he quipped as the audience laughed. (Swift, for her part, was recently named a billionaire by Forbes.)

Then he came for the Swifties. “Another weird thing about dating Taylor Swift is you could be one the great players of all time and this is the reaction you get to your contract extension,” Kimmel said, sharing a screenshot of an Instagram post filled with fan commentary infantilizing the NFL star (a common phenomenon in pop music fandom)

As Kimmel read the comments — “This baby his eyes full of tears, he’s so baby girl, cutie pie, sweet boy, pookiest pookie” — he couldn’t help but compare their reactions to those fawning over a pet. “I’m not sure if he’s a football player or a kitten,” he joked.

As Kimmel went on to point out Swift’s own success over the past week — she became the first artist in history to occupy the top 14 spots on the Billboard Hot 100 — he marveled at her reach.

“I feel like Taylor swift, at this point, if she wanted to, could win the Kentucky Derby,” he cracked.

Fans, of course, had thoughts on Kimmel’s monologue.