Ex-girlfriend of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce shows she’s still bitter about the breakup

Kelce dated her for five years but only gave her $100 over that span of time, per report

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce recently ended a five-year relationship with Instagram model Kayla Nicole and she’s apparently still bitter about the breakup.

Nicole, 30, shared a TikTok of her saying she is stupid for believing Kelce was going to ask her to marry him after dating for five years.”You’re not stupid Kayla….No, I am actually……Thought I’d get wifed after dating for 5 years….that’s 1,825 days,” the video’s caption says.

Ex-girlfriend of Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce shows she's still bitter about the breakup

Kelce and Nicole first got together in 2017 when she made the first move but they split up in the summer of 2020 over rumors that he was cheating o her.

They reunited later that year, and had been together until 2022, when a story broke that Kelce made her pay half of everything to prove she wasn’t with him for his money.

Travis Kelce makes ex-girlfriend pay for herself
Over the five-year span that Kelce dated Nicole, he only gave her $100, all while she had to watch her good friend Brittany Matthews marry Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and have two children together.

Nicole, meanwhile, was still having to prove herself to the 32-year-old Super Bowl champion, who was playing on a four-year, $60 million contract.

The TikTok is not a good look for Nicole, as it seems like she’s chasing clout by reminding everyone she used to date an NFL player.

Nicole is currently a Savage x Fenty ambassador, so she should focus on her career and forget she ever knew Kelce.