Fans React as Travis Kelce Terminate his Newly Signed Two years Contract due to Minor Issues with Kansas city Manager

When Patrick Mahomes arrives in Miami, it is not like when you or I go to Miami. With the Formula 1 Grand Prix in town,

the Kansas City Chiefs superstar whisked his wife Brittany away to South Florida for a star-studded weekend under the sun, sparing no expense to become the envy of the Miami GP.

Mahomes mingles with stars in Miami
In the video alone, the Mahomses are seen chatting it up with F1 drivers and Travis Kelce, enjoying fine dining and taking in the race from a luxury hospitality suite. They turned heads with their “Barbie and Ken” look and lifestyle as they witnessed Lando Norris take home a shock victory, dethroning Max Verstappen.

Outside of the track, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes reportedly rubbed elbows with more of Miami’s finest, attending a Carbone Beach party graced by LeBron James and Mr. 305, Pitbull.

Tyreek Hill takes a dig at Mahomes over trick throw
Patrick managed to have some football-related fun as well, going viral for his jaw-dropping impromptu trick throw at Hard Rock Stadium. You can’t blame him for walking around like he owned the place, because last season he owned the Miami Dolphins.

Mahomes’ former Chiefs teammate Tyreek Hill, who now plays for the Dolphins, was not impressed with his old QB’s throw. But he might just still be mad about Kansas City’s 2-0 record against Miami last year, emerging victorious in the NFL Germany game and in a frigid NFL Playoffs matchup at Arrowhead Stadium.

The lighthearted back-and-forth captured the aura of Mahomes’ extravagant weekend perfectly. You can love him, you can hate him, but deep down everybody wants to be him.