“He Seems Like Semi-retired to Me”: Skip Bayless Questions Travis Kelce’s Productivity Amid Objections on ‘Showing Off’ for Taylor Swift

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ lackluster performance this season has led frustrated fans to search for a scapegoat. And pop star Taylor Swift has become an unexpected target. Travis Kelce, the team’s tight end, has been experiencing a decline in his form. And some fans have irrationally connected this to his relationship with Swift. However, this wasn’t the case at the beginning.

Whether it was a mere coincidence or a subtle attempt to charm his newfound love interest, Kelce’s actions had him at the top of his game during the initial weeks. But, in the past nine games, that charm has tarnished a bit and Kelce’s productivity saw a massive decline. Now NFL analyst Skip Bayless has posed important questions about the impact of Kelce’s relationship on his game.

Skip Bayless addresses the questionable Travis Kelce performance

As Travis Kelce celebrated his 34th birthday in October, the debate surrounding the potential decline in his skills became a hot topic. With 159 games under his belt, questions emerged about the toll age and accumulated wear and tear might be taking on the star tight end. Recent stats add fuel to the discussion–Kelce recorded 88 receiving yards with a 6.7 yards-per-catch average in the Chiefs’ last three games.

For some football aficionados, these numbers may signal a player on the verge of experiencing a noticeable dip in productivity. This includes Skip Bayless, who said, “Travis seems like he’s got one foot in and one foot out. He feels sometimes a little semi-retired to me, like he’s thinking more and more about what’s out there in the future. He’s got his Super Bowl rings, but if you look at what’s happened to Travis’s productivity, over the last nine games he got off to that big hot Travis Kelce start.”

Furthermore, he continued, “She was at those games, and I thought in a good way he was just showing off for her.” After this, he talked about how Kelce saw a dip in performance as the defenders figured out his technique. He also added, “Travis Kelce, greatest receiving tight end ever, 34 years of age, nine games, he’s averaged five catches in 51 yards a game. That is not Travis Kelce.” Moreover, he went ahead to call out Taylor Swift, his girlfriend.

Taylor Swift might be a distraction for Kelce

Bayless held no thoughts behind as he talked about the budding relationship between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. He stated that a lot of Kelce’s energy is being invested in his new relationship that he’s unable to give time to the sport. This is clearly taking a toll on his performance and he definitely needs to gear himself up and work harder for his team.

Bayless said, “In the middle of a season to date her is hard. She is she, she is huge, she is a force. And that force is going to take some of your energy and focus away from the fiercely difficult competition that is the National Football League. So is she a distraction for the team?” He stated how the head coach, Andy Reid, and the team loves Taylor Swift. However, Bayless needs Kelce to focus on the game more.

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He added, “Anything that takes an ounce of focus and concentration away from winning football games, especially in November and December into January, anything is a distraction to a football team.” Skip Bayless believes that Kelce has a lot to prove yet, and needs to get his performance back on the charts.