“He’s so inlove” Travis Kelce Admires Photo of GF Taylor Swift at Gillette Stadium Ahead of Chiefs Game: Watch

The NFL player walked by hanging photos of New England Patriots players and other influential people and made sure to glance over when he noticed a photo of the singer was among them.
Travis Kelce, 34, couldn’t help but look at a photo of his girlfriend Taylor Swift, 34, when he was getting ready for his game against the New England Patriots on Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was filmed walking backstage at Gillette Stadium as a display of various photos hung on the wall next to him. Although most of the photos appeared to be of Patriots players, there was one of Taylor that seemed to be taken during one of her performances at the venue, and the supportive beau made sure to turn his head to look up at it.

Around the same time the memorable moment was captured, Taylor was spotted showing up to the stadium along with her dad, Scott Swift, and some of her friends. She made her way inside as she wore a gray Chiefs sweatshirt and a white and red winter hat with a pom pom. Scott wore a red and black Chiefs sweatshirt and the father-daughter duo happily cheered on Travis from their seats once the game started.

Travis Kelce ahead of the Chiefs vs Patriots game taking a look at Taylor’s poster in @GilletteStadium pic.twitter.com/C8whzvwY5R

— Taylor Swift Updates (@SwiftNYC) December 17, 2023

The latest game comes after Travis reportedly had to miss Taylor’s 34th birthday party in New York City due to mandatory football practice. The lovebirds apparently celebrated her special day last Sunday, after the Chiefs game. They showed off PDA at the holiday-themed party and posed for cozy photos, including one in which they shared a sweet kiss.

Since their romance began in the summer, Taylor has showed up to many Chiefs games. Her first was at the end of September and the appearance made many headlines. The talented songwriter, who was recently named TIME‘s Person of the Year, admitted she and Travis started dating weeks before she showed up to the first game, in an interview with the outlet.

“gillette stadium is the most joyful place on earth” -taylor swift

gillette stadium: pic.twitter.com/7DKFe7GvRu

— © 💫 (@MindofRollins) December 17, 2023

“This all started when Travis very adorably put me on blast on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell,” Taylor said, referring to when Travis revealed on his New Heights podcast that he tried, and failed, to give her his number at her Eras Tour in July. “We started hanging out right after that,” she added. “So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to get to know each other. ”