“I Am extremely upset by my brother’s continuous criticism of the monarchy. Prince William.


Despite King Charles’ recent health scare, a firm stance remains from the palace: Reportedly Prince Harry will not be welcomed back as a full-time working royal. On the other hand, a report in the Mirror, states that Prince William has told close friends that it is very unlikely that Harry will be let back into the royal circle. The Prince of Wales has reportedly declared that he will reject any attempts by Harry to rejoin the royal institution because he is extremely upset by his brother’s continuous criticism of the monarchy.
No way back for Prince Harry to royal duties?



“There is no way back for the Duke of Sussex following a series of reported rows with his brother William, the Prince of Wales, and his father, King Charles.” A source close to the palace told the Telegraph after reports of the Duke ‘willing to join’ royal duties surfaced causing a frenzy in the royal circle. It further states that the agreements reached during the Sandringham summit, which involved Prince Harry, his late grandmother, father, and brother, remain in effect.

Earlier, despite Prince Harry expressing his willingness to support the Royal Family during King Charles’ cancer treatment, insiders confirm he won’t return to working royal duties unless directly asked by the King. Notably, Harry recently hinted at a potential family reconciliation sparked by the health crisis during an interview.

The Sandringham summit

The media used the phrase “Sandringham Summit” to describe the important meeting at which decisions were made to determine whether or not the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would remain full-time members of the royal family. The couple recently came under fire for changing the name of their official website from Archewell to Sussex.com.

Prince Harry on Good Morning America

The 39-year-old, who recently changed his children’s surname to Sussex despite stepping down from royal duties with wife Meghan Markle in 2020, had a 40-minute private conversation with his father, Prince Charles, following the latter’s cancer diagnosis. After returning to the US, Harry appeared for an interview on Good Morning America, where he discussed the recent events.