IF my family is happy with me I don”t care about what people are saying. Brittany Mahomes”to all the people criticizing her.

care about what people are saying Brittany Mahomes

Brittany Mahomes has divided opinion online after being criticized for her ‘high horse’ attitude towards a stadium employee in Baltimore on Sunday.

Mahomes, who was recently accused of being ‘unpleasant’ and not tipping any staff at a luxury Los Angeles hotel, watched Patrick and the Kansas City Chiefs punch their ticket to the Super Bowl with a 17-10 win over the Ravens.

Brittany joined the likes of Travis Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift and brother Jason on the pitch as family members were invited to celebrate with the players after they won the AFC crown.

bout what people are saying  Brittany Mahomes"to all the people criticizing her.

Later on, Mahomes, Brittany and his brother Jackson were caught on camera walking through the bowels of the stadium after leaving the field.

Brittany can be seen on camera asking a stadium employee ‘where do we go from here?’ before spinning her finger in a circular motion.

Mahomes and Swift have become close friends after sitting next to each other at most games that the popstar attends.

She has even been invited out for dinner with Swift and some of her A-list friends in New York City. Patrick Mahomes and Kelce are known to be close friends, too.

Last month, a hotel server took aim at Mahomes and claimed the former athlete didn’t tip any staff at a luxury Hollywood hotel she stayed at.

TikTok user Jessica O’Connor, a former employee of 1 Hotel West Hollywood, recalled the former soccer star staying at the hotel she worked at, specifically calling her out for neglecting to leave a tip for her on a $130 bill at the hotel.

Jessica, 28, also claimed she didn’t tip other staff members during the entirety of her week-long stay.