I’m going to be a Dad soon ” Taylor Swift announces she’s pregnant with 1st Baby ever… Overwhelmed Travis Kelce set to be a father , Glorious

has learned.

Sources snitched that the 33-year-old believes her biological clock is ticking and she is working overtime to win over the football pro’s pals and parents before she pounces.

She looks at Travis and sees the American hero she’s been searching for all along. She can totally see herself as an NFL wifeThis is fate coming to rescue her from all those losers she’s kissed in the past — and she’s doing everything she can to impress his family and closest friends.”Taylor was seen cheering on the 34-year-old NFL star as his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, beat the Denver Broncos 19 to 8 — and enjoying the spectacle in a luxury box with Travis’ folksIt was the third of Kelce’s games she attended in less than one month — and he’s been spotted spending the night at her New York City lair.

“Taylor’s always wanted a wholesome high school athlete type and Travis checks the box big-time,” dished the insider. “He has so many qualities she likes, and she’s thrilled he comes from a solid, family-oriented background, just like her, and she’s absolutely blown away by his parents.