Jackson Mahomes sexual battery case: Patrick Mahomes’ brother gets major lifeline

The court case regarding sexual battery against Jackson Mahomes just took a huge turn. The controversial social media star was arrested a while back for an incident in a restaurant that landed him multiple charges, but several of those charges may be getting dropped.On Tuesday, the case’s prosecutors filed a motion through the DA’s office to get rid of three felony aggravated sexual assault charges. He had four outstanding charges, so this decision to withdraw leaves just one remaining misdemeanor battery charge.

Not only would it drop his outstanding charges from four to one, it also drops the worst of the bunch. Felony charges are much worse and carry a much higher penalty than misdemeanor charges, which would be the only kind that Patrick Mahomes’ brother is left with.
The brother of the Kansas City Chiefs’ star was arrested in May of 2023 and initially charged with the three counts of aggravated assault and the lone battery charge for alleged incidents that took place at Aspen’s, an Overland Park restaurant that has since been closed. Video captured at the restaurant showed Mahomes grabbing a woman and kissing her forcibly.
Jackson Mahomes gets gift in battery case
Prosecutors of the case said in the motion that regardless of whether or not Aspen Vaugh, the alleged victim and the restaurant owner, was granted immunity, that she would admit that she wasn’t truthful and that the alleged encounter was consensual.

She plans to plead the fifth and not testify if she’s compelled to do so. She also said recently via KMBC that the entire situation has been difficult since the video of the encounter went viral on social media:
“You just can’t really say anything. You just have to take it. And then just how much do you take before you say, okay, I’ve had enough? And I feel like that’s kind of also where I’m at. Like I’m ready to tap out.”

The fourth and final charge that Mahomes is still facing is related to another victim. The three felony charges that are to be dropped were related to Vaughn, but the final charge stems from reports that Jackson Mahomes shoved a different employee of the restaurant multiple times.Jackson Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes brother

Jackson Mahomes is Patrick Mahomes brother
Initially, the felony assault hearing was canceled. Lawyers had initially asked for a continuance of the case and the judge was willing to grant that. Now, the hearing might not even take place with prosecution filing an official motion to drop the charges.All of this has been going on since May and has lasted into the new year. However, with this recent turn and change in the situation, some resolution could be coming very soon.Since the worst and the majority of the charges are expected to be dropped, it looks like Mahomes will see a much lighter penalty than originally expected. Felony sexual charges are not treated lightly, but those are precisely the ones being dropped.This is still a developing story, but it appears to be trending towards an end after more than eight full months of proceedings following the incident after Kansas City’s Super Bowl win.