Jason Kelce doesn’t get the Tom Brady roast after brutal jokes about NFL legend’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen: ‘My family is ruined, it’s so funny’

Wood then said Lopez entered another vehicle of his, opened the front gate of his house and started walking around his yard.

Neighbors saw what was going on and called the police, which led to Lopez’s arrest.

This is not the first time that Wood and Lopez have had issues.

Wood said that in August of 2023, Lopez broke into his home, destroyed objects like statues, glass and vases, and attempted to hit him. Wood says police were called and they de-escalated the situation.

And in January 2023, when Wood was playing on the Dallas Mavericks, he says Lopez trespassed at his home and spray-painted his Lamborghini.According to TMZ, Lopez also said that Wood texted her to stay quiet about what allegedly happened because the ‘Lakers run this town.’