King Charles was “impressed by how Prince William, has compartmentalised “everything to prioritize his duties to the crown.

King Charles was


There’s a huge possibility that the royal family matters may be passed down to Prince William ‘much sooner’ than expected. The crowned family has been entangled in ‘medical’ complications for some time now. From King Charles’ cancer diagnosis to Kate Middleton’s abdominal surgery, things haven’t been easy for the princely lot. On top of that, the emotional side of things is just as messed up.



With Prince Harry’s return to the family reportedly blocked, all chaos clouds hover above the big brother’s head. The crown being passed on to the Prince of Wales will inevitably follow soon. However, it seems that things may be rushed exponentially, given the current scene of familial tensions.
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A source close to the family opened up to In Touch Weekly about Queen Camilla’s pride in how well Prince William has “compartmentalised everything to prioritise his duties to the crown”. King Charles is equally “impressed by how easily William has filled his shoes”. Here’s what the source further divulged on King Charles possibly stepping down in the near future.

Royal family news: Queen Camilla – King Charles III discuss abdicating the throne


Despite the King’s vows to return to his duties soon, In Touch detailed the source’s claims: “Charles can’t help but consider stepping down”. Although King Charles waited all his life to gain this stature, the unforgiving circumstances demand a smooth transfer of power at the earliest.

The bittersweet inevitability of this has been emphasised by the Queen, too. Even if this switch-up means that King Charles III won’t get the chance to leave his mark on the monarchy map Camilla hopes for him to retire soon.

“She’s urged him to let it go and enjoy their golden years,” added the anonymous source. Despite it all being a “hard pill to swallow” for him, the King has unwavering confidence in William and Kate, who are likely to go for a religious ceremony for their future ascension instead of the over-the-top ceremonial display King Charles opted for.