Lil Dicky shares five-word response to Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce haters

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Lil Dicky minces no words in calling out the critics of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce as ‘bitter losers’

For the trollers of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Lil Dicky has something strong to say to them: losers.

Appearing on the podcast of New Heights, the Earth rapper shared his views on the constant coverage of the pair’s budding romance.

“Honestly, my take on it, and if you want to spend time talking about it for the 5,000th time, but like I just think there’s something that makes everyone feel like it’s like the world is kind of like high school where like your most popular pop star.”

Adding, “Like beloved musician, somehow met like your most popular beloved like athlete. And they actually fell in love.”

The 36-year-old continued, “And like it’s just real. Anyone who like hates on it is like a bitter loser. But I think a lot of people who would maybe expect to hate on it actually love it and they acknowledged they love it.”

“Because there’s something so American about it or something. There’s something like just classic about it.”