Megyn Kelly Calls For Boycott Of Taylor Swift After Singer Attends Gaza Relief Comedy Show

“You clearly know nothing,” the conservative pundit fumed.

Megyn Kelly is calling for a boycott of Taylor Swift after the pop superstar appeared at a comedy event aiming to benefit Palestinians in Gaza.

Swift joined longtime pal Selena Gomez in Brooklyn, New York, for a Friday performance of Ramy Youssef’s “More Feelings” show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The starry crowd also reportedly included Cara Delevingne, Zoë Kravitz and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Last month, Youssef announced on Instagram that proceeds from a handful of his shows ― including the Brooklyn date, as well as engagements in Paris, Berlin and San Francisco ― would be donated to American Near East Refugee Aid to provide “humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza.” The Washington-based group, also known as Anera, focuses on helping refugees and vulnerable communities in the Palestinian territories, as well as in Lebanon and Jordan.

This, apparently, was too much for Kelly. On Tuesday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” the conservative pundit tore into Swift, saying she “owes Israelis and Jewish Americans an apology” for her appearance at the show.

“I hope they boycott her events until she issues it, because attending this thing was wrong,” Kelly said. “Do some Googling. See what they do in Gaza to gays. See about women’s rights in Gaza.”

Addressing Swift, Kelly added, “You clearly know nothing.”

Though the singer hasn’t publicly responded to Kelly’s comments, her devoted fans nonetheless came to her defense online.

“Megyn Kelly will lose more followers by just suggesting this than Taylor will ever,” one person wrote on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. “Don’t mess with Mother!”

Another said that Kelly “needs a hug and some friendship bracelets. That might heal her. Poor thing.”

Kelly appeared to be arguing that humanitarian donations for Gaza were inappropriate since the territory has for years been controlled by Hamas — the militant group responsible for the deadly Oct. 7 attack on Israel, which has since launched a brutal retaliation on the Palestinian enclave.

On its website, however, Anera states, “Because Hamas is designated as a ‘terrorist group’ by the U.S. State Department, Anera does not work or even coordinate with them.”

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