Mom Attempts Taylor Swift’s Treadmill Workout Routine: ‘Taylor, You’re a Freakin Monster’ (Exclusive)

After learning that Taylor Swift got in shape for her Eras Tour by singing her set list on the treadmill, Jennifer Brown gave it a try: “I felt like I was going to throw up”

Woman Attempts Taylor Swifts Treadmill Workout Routine: ‘Taylor You’re a Freakin Monster’
Jennifer Brown attemps Taylor Swift’s treadmill workout routine.
When Jennifer Brown, who goes by @thisiowamom on TikTok, first read about Taylor Swift’s treadmill workout routine in Time’s Person of the Year issue, she knew she had to try it out.

In the article, Swift explains how part of her training for the Eras Tour included running on the treadmill every day while singing the concert’s 3-hour setlist.

”Fast for fast songs, and a jog or a fast walk for slow songs,” Swift told the outlet.

Brown, 42, started running in 2022 as part of her weight loss journey. She tells PEOPLE she’s always trying to find ways to make her runs more fun.

“I’m a big Taylor Swift fan. I’m also a big Chiefs fan,” says Brown, who lives in Fort Dodge, Iowa. “So when I saw this I was like, I’m going to try it, because why not? So that’s really what it boiled down to. It was a random decision after I read the article. I was like, ‘Let’s give it a go.'”

Taylor Swift Got in Shape for Her Eras Tour by Running on the Treadmill Every Day — While Singing Her Entire Set List
Brown says she never expected to run the full 3 hours. Instead, she just wanted to have fun with the challenge. A little over an hour into the run, Brown says she felt satisfied with the workout and decided to stop. At that moment “I Knew You Were Trouble” had just finished playing.

“I did what Taylor said she did: I ran during the faster songs at my typical run pace, between 5 and 6 miles per hour, and so I tried to set it right at 5.2 because I wanted to be able to sing through it, and I didn’t want to go too fast,” she says.

“And 65 minutes later, I honestly felt like I was going to throw up,” she adds.

Brown and her 22-year-old daughter Cameron attended the Eras Tour in Kansas City. Brown said that she felt like she was reliving the concert during her 3.7-mile treadmill run.

“It was just almost like a flashback, which sounds so silly, but it was just the energy. You’re just starting and you’re like, okay, this is going to be good,” she says.

While “Betty” is her favorite Swift song, she says she had the most fun running to “Miss Americana.”

Woman Attempts Taylor Swifts Treadmill Workout Routine: ‘Taylor You’re a Freakin Monster’

The hardest part of the workout routine for her, she adds, was the singing.

“I have a little bit of experience in singing. I took voice lessons when I was young. I’m not a professional by any means, but I’ve performed in front of people. So I do know how to sing technically. Am I the best? Absolutely not. But I do know how to do it,” she says.

“So when I go back and watch the clip, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is awful. This is awful!’ Because you’re running while you’re trying to sing, and that’s virtually impossible to do,” she continues.

Woman Attempts Taylor Swifts Treadmill Workout Routine: ‘Taylor You’re a Freakin Monster’
Jennifer Brown and her daughter Cameron at the Era’s Tour in Kansas City.
With the first half of the set list behind her, Brown says she’s now determined to complete the second half of the lineup as well. Next up, she says, is the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.”

“I loved that a lot of people said, ‘This was the best thing I’ve seen today,’ or ‘This made me laugh or smile,’ because ultimately my entire TikTok page is dedicated to inspiring people,” Brown says.