Moment Patrick Mahomes , gave a big shout to Taylor swift. “after listening to her Hit song.

Patrick Mahomes , gave a big shout to Taylor swift.


While everyone else has been focusing on Travis Kelce’s love of Taylor Swift’s music, Jimmy Kimmel zeroed in on another Kansas Chief Chiefs player’s relationship with the pop star: Patrick Mahomes.

During media day for Super Bowl LVIII, several players were asked about their thoughts on Swift’s music. While most other players glossed over their favorite Swift songs, the Chiefs quarterback lit up when asked the question. Patrick Mahomes , gave a big shout to Taylor swift. "after listening to her Hit song.




“I mean the ‘Anti-Hero’ song, that one’s pretty sweet, so I would say that. But I do love ‘Love Story.’ It gets me every single time,” Mahomes said on Tuesday.

“What has become of us? What happened?” the late night host said Tuesday night. “It has to be a little weird when your teammate is obsessed with your girlfriend’s music, right?”
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Kimmel then checked in with his correspondent Guillermo Rodriguez to make sure he spoke to Kelce, Mahomes and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy during media day. Rodriguez’s full report will be broadcast on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Thursday.

That’s not the only Swift joke Kimmel had up his sleeve Tuesday night. The ABC host started his monologue by showing his audience various Super Bowl bets taking place around the “Midnights” singer and songwriter, including what color shirt she would be wearing at the game. Bets on the colors blue and green are currently at 20 to 1.

“If she bet $100 million on herself to wear green a shirt and wore a green shirt, she could own both teams at the end of the game,” Kimmel joked.

Other Swift-related events people can bet include whether Kelce will propose to Swift and win MVP, if Swift’s navel will be shown on CBS and whether or not Swift will be shown eating a hot dog.

It’s still unclear if Swift will be able to make it to Super Bowl LVIII. Straight off

her record-breaking Grammy win, Swift is spending this week in Tokyo as she kicks off the international leg of her “Eras” tour. The Japanese embassy has said that there will be enough time for Swift to make the big game after her final performance, but it’s going to be tight.

Even Kelce seems unsure if she will attend. Earlier this week the tight end told TMZ reporters, “The Super Bowl, we’ll worry about if she can make it.”