My fans are my well-wisher not my haters says Taylor swift , They love my relationship with Travis Kelce cus he make me happy. If you are a fans of mine and you want my relationship to continue and stand strong, let me hear you say a big YES!”

On “New Year’s Day,” singer Taylor Swift is still dreaming about her kiss with boyfriend Travis Kelce—and the whole world is also swooning over the moment caught on camera and plastered all over social media.

Our favorite part of all this excitement is the way the X (formerly known as Twitter) community has reacted to the 34-year-old’s smudged red lipstick and hilariously blamed the Kansas City Chiefs tight end as the culprit.In the viral video captured by a fan who attended the New York City party that the A-list couple was at, the two had their arms wrapped around each other and gazed at each other before sharing a sweet kiss. Swift wore a sparkly bedazzled champagne mini dress while Kelce, 34, rocked a unique printed button-up.

“missing: taylor’s lipstick. if found please return to taylor swift. suspect is travis kelce,” one fan wrote, while another joked, “It was so nice of her to share her lipstick with Travis .”

“Awww, they are so cute!! I’m wishing for only the best things for them in 2024!!!” someone else chimed in with a sweet message.