“NFL tried to benefit off Travis Kelce’s relationship” – Taylor Swift distraction fostered by league, claims Donovan McNabb

Former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb had some thoughts about the league using Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift for their own benefit. The former Philadelphia Eagles player, who worked at the same organization as current Kansas City head coach Andy Reid, thought that this side story was encouraged by the league.The Kansas City Chiefs fell to 9-6 for the season after their latest loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. It was an uncharacteristic performance from them, especially from the offense, as they fell into a scrap to retain homefield advantage as division winners. The conference top seed is already beyond them as the Baltimore Ravens have won 12 games already with two weeks to go.

There was talk in some quarters that Taylor Swift might be a reason why the Chiefs are struggling as she has become a distraction to what Travis Kelce and his teammates do on the field. Donovan McNabb seemed to agree with that but added that it was more a case of the NFL encouraging those storylines than the couple themselves.
He said,
“I blame the NFL for this because remember when this was all going on, NFL was trying to benefit off of his relationship with her… I just think the NFL and the media has blown that thing up so much where it’s become a distraction.. When you’re playing well, everybody’s loving it.”

Donovan McNabb feels that Chiefs’ preparation is being affected by Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift
Donovan McNabb said that when everything is going well, it really does not matter. But Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce is hampering the preparation before the games, according to what he seemed to imply, He said that when things become more than focusing on football, that is where the problems arise. He continued,
“Now you’re looking at the struggle continue to pile up from the play calls, from the organization, the way that they look out there, to the preparation, to the production. And this is now starting to become a problem for the Kansas City Chiefs… When everything has become more than just football, then this is what you see on the field.”

The loss to the Las Vegas Raiders was not ideal and Travis Kelce and company have two tough games coming up against the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers. Taylor Swift is sure to be there to cheer on her partner but based on Donovan McNabb said, she could be the reason why they are struggling.