OMG!!! Shock by luxury…Taylor Swift’s 1930s $25M Beverly Hills Home (Samuel Goldwyn Estate). Photos in Comments. This historic property was originally built by Samuel Goldwyn of MGM studios. Taylor Swift was granted landmark status for this home a few years before. Swift and Kelce now use this home now for their alone time. The home is part of Taylor Swift’s real estate portfolio worth over $150 million, which includes properties in Rhode Island, California, New York City, and Tennessee..

Stacy Gotulla
Taylor Swift has delved into the world of historical conservation by restoring the famed Samuel Goldwyn mansion, a Beverly Hills hallmark built in 1934 spanning 10,982 square feet.

The property, once the residence of film industry titan Samuel Goldwyn and host to legends like Clark Gable and Charlie Chaplin, now combines classic Hollywood glamour with modern luxury.

Featuring a library screening room, private guest suites, a gym, sunken tennis courts, and a master suite with a city-view veranda, the mansion is a tribute to opulent living and cultural preservation.

For a closer look at this blend of history and luxury, browse the photos below.

An aerial embrace of lush tranquility, this estate marries stately architecture with the vibrant pulse of Beverly Hills’ natural splendor.