Pat McAfee showers Jason Kelce with praise after their WrestleMania catch up as former NFL stars continue to pay tribute to retired Eagles star: ‘People who hate everybody even say you’re the guy’

Aaron Donald was the latest NFL legend to praise recently retired Jason Kelce
Kelce appeared at WrestleMania last week, where McAfee was commentating

Pat McAfee has continued the outpouring of love and admiration for Jason Kelce since the Philadelphia Eagles legend decided to retire from football last month.

Kelce walked away from the NFL after 13 years and a Super Bowl win, announcing his decision in an emotional press conference that left him crying at the podium.

Since then, the football world has showered him with praise and his status as the greatest center of all time appears to be universally agreed.

One of those to have been complimentary about Kelce is Aaron Donald, the Los Angeles Rams defensive star who also recently walked away from football.

Speaking on a podcast last week, Donald admitted that Kelce and his ‘little fast a**’ was one of the hardest opponents he ever had to face in the NFL.

Kelce opens up on life with Swift in rare moment on New Heights pod
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Pat McAfee continued the outpouring of admiration for Jason Kelce since his retirement

McAfee revealed he had a chance to catch up with Kelce during WrestleMania in Philadelphia

Discussing those comments on Wednesday’s episode of his ESPN show, McAfee offered his own opinion on Kelce and insisted he has never known an athlete to be so well liked by everyone.

‘Jason Kelce needs to continue to accept these flowers,’ the former NFL punter said.

‘I got a chance to chat with him at WrestleMania weekend and I was like “hey man, people who hate everybody, like people who are known haters who are going to find f***ing reasons to nitpick and chop somebody down, especially someone that’s popular, they even say you’re the guy.

‘So make sure when you look in the mirror, you know you’re still an Ohio f***, but you are actually the greatest center of all time. Everybody seems to agree with that.

‘I love that he’s getting his flowers now from another human who is on a Mount Rushmore of football as well. Good for Kelce, man. And good for Aaron Donald that your words mean so much in this world.’

Kelce, who is now weighing up his next career move while he continues his New Heights podcast with brother Travis, made a shock appearance at WrestleMania in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Kelce has been making the most of retirement so far and threw the first pitch at a Phillies game

Travis and Jason Kelce have been forced to move their New Heights Live show indoors

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He’s also hosting a live show of his New Heights podcast along with Travis on Thursday night but they have been forced to move it indoors, citing safety concerns due to thunderstorms scheduled to hit Ohio.

The NFL brothers had to make the announcement on Wednesday afternoon but very quickly made a joke out of a less-than-ideal late change, with a little bit of help from Jason’s wife Kylie.

In a statement posted on the New Heights social media channel, the Kelce brothers joked that ‘the intern who forgot to check the weather app has been reassigned.’

Kylie Kelce commented underneath the post: ‘Plot twist… Jason Kelce is the intern.’

The New Heights account replied to Kylie saying that Jason must now get the new cat she has repeatedly said that she wants as punishment – Jason has made no secret that he does not want a cat.

The show will see Travis and Jason take their hugely successful podcast in front of a live audience of thousands in their home state on Thursday night.

It was initially planned to be held at Nippert Stadium but now is in the indoor Fifth Third Arena, with doors opening from 5pm for fans who have bought a ticket.