Patrick Mahomes is fined $50,000 for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ after his on-field meltdown against the Bills… with Chiefs coach Andy Reid handed $100,000 penalty for branding late offside call ’embarrassing’

Mahomes threw his helmet down in fury and had to be held back by teammates
Reid also criticized the offside call which cost the Chiefs a game-winning TD

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid have both received fines after their furious reactions to a late offside call in the Chiefs’ defeat by the Bills last weekend.

Kansas City were denied a potential game-winning touchdown with just over a minute to play in their showdown with Buffalo last Sunday, after Kadarius Toney was correctly deemed to have been in an offside position before the ball was snapped.

Despite replays confirming the decision was the right one, Mahomes let the red mist descend when the Chiefs’ next drive fell incomplete, slamming his helmet to the ground and screaming at the referees as teammates held him back.

Reid, meanwhile, took aim at the officials in his post-game interview by claiming the offside call was ’embarrassing’ for the NFL.

As a result of their respective outbursts, NFL network’s Ian Rapoport has revealed that both men have been hit with penalties.

Patrick Mahomes lost his cool with a late offside decision against the Chiefs

Andy Reid also branded the call ’embarrassing’

Mahomes was left fuming when an offside call denied Kansas City a late touchdown vs Buffalo

Reid also hit out at the decision in his post-game press conference, branding it ’embarrassing’

Mahomes has been fined $50,000 for ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’ and ‘abusive, threatening or insulting language to officials’ – while also for violating long-standing league rules prohibiting public criticism of referees.

Reid has received a heftier penalty of $100,000 for his comments after the game, which the NFL believes also violated those long-standing rules in place to protect officials.

After initially losing his cool, Mahomes was quick to hold his hands up and admit his actions were out of line at Arrowhead. The quarterback also insisted he still intends to prove himself a role model going forward.

‘I think it’s pressure of being a good person,’ he said this week when asked if his outburst came from the pressure of being the face of Kansas City.

‘I try to act in a way that I’m a good role model because I looked up to guys that were on this stage ever since I was a little kid running through the locker room.’

‘I’m just trying to be a good person,’ Mahomes continued. ‘Obviously I care, so my emotions were shown on the football field, which they’ve been shown in good ways, but obviously that wasn’t a good way.

‘But at the end of the day, I’m just trying to be the best perosn that I can be. The face of the franchise, NFL stuff, that’s going to come and go. But if I can show the person I am every single day and that sets an example, that’s what I want to do when my career’s over.’

Reid also appeared to backtrack on his original comments by revealing the day after the game that Toney did not check with the official on the sideline as to whether he was in an offside position or not.

Later in the week Mahomes admitted his emotions got the better of him after Sunday’s game
Reid also backtracked by revealing the day after the game that Chiefs wideout Kadarius Toney did not check with the official on the sideline as to whether he was in an offside position

‘Normally he (Toney) just looks over to the sideline and gets an okay and on that one he just happened not to,’ he said.

‘So that would be the coaching point. Just make sure you check with the guy on the side just to see if you’re aligned.

‘He’s not lining offsides on purpose. Listen, he was two inches or an inch away from being legal.

‘You can argue both sides of it for both teams. I guess the league is trying to clean that up.’