Santa Claus made Patrick Mahomes happier than the star quarterback’s two kids; check out PIC

Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, recently shared some family pictures with Santa Claus, and the Chiefs’ tight seemed happier to click pictures with Santa than his kids.

Christmas brings happiness to everyone, including Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. However, during his encounter with Santa Claus, it seemed like he was even more joyful than his kids, who appeared to be a bit annoyed by their surroundings. Read the full story below:

Patrick Mahomes had a great time meeting Santa Claus, can’t say the same about his kids

After getting into controversy for the famous SNF outburst against the Buffalo Bills, Patrick Mahomes has used the Christmas season as a getaway from all the stress. Britanny Mahomes, who accused NFL referees of rigging the Bills vs Chiefs game, recently shared some family pictures on her Instagram.

Patrick Mahomes, Brittany Mahomes, and their adorable children, Patrick Lavon Mahomes III and Sterling Skye Mahomes, can be spotted in the photos. They were all gathered around Santa Claus, capturing precious moments together. Interestingly, it seemed like Patrick Mahomes was even more thrilled than his own kids!

Patrick Mahomes and Britanny Mahomes were beaming with joy, especially the Chiefs tight end who had an enormous smile, while the children appeared unfazed. Typically, kids adore Santa Claus, but in this scenario, the parents are even more thrilled about Father Christmas.

These photos and this moment serve as undeniable evidence that Patrick Mahomes still possesses a youthful spirit within him. It was definitely a great escape from the recent hard times the internet has given him. While fans trolled him, Travis Kelce believed his reaction was justified.