Superstar Taylor Swift Pop musician vigorously claims that a lot of people want her relationship with Travis Kelce to fail and fall apart. I hear you answer a resounding YES if you’re one of my fans and you want my relationship to last and be strong.

Relationship the real deal or all for publicity? That’s what fans want to know after a viral video showed the couple getting lovey-dovey in the club, but only after they noticed the cameras The pair have been linked since September 2023 and went public with their romance one month later.

While some believe the three-time Super Bowl champion and the 16-time Grammy winner are a match made in Heaven, others speculate their relationship is “all for PR” — especially afterthe San Francisco 49ers. The NFL tight end appeared to be in his own little world, singing and dancing as Swift stood beside him until he noticed cameras were pointing in his direction.”You can’t convince me that this is [real],” the social media user wrote over the footage. The person continues by predicting what they pictured Kelce was thinking at that moment.