Taylor Swift-inspired Christmas ornaments take over the internet as Swifties display unique designs

Here are 5 unique Taylor Swift-inspired Christmas ornaments for your tree this year

It’s no surprise that Swifties across the world are getting into the holiday spirit and incorporating their favorite blonde this season.

TIME recently announced Taylor Swift as the 2023 Person of the Year — and fans of the star are supporting her in any way they can, including putting her on their Christmas trees.

Etsy has over 8,000 listings that pop up when people search for “Taylor Swift ornament” there — and many are highly creative.

Some include subtle nods to specific Swift albums, many mark 2023 as the year of the Eras Tour — and others took some serious thoughtfulness and care.

Here are a few eye-catching designs.

Taylor Swift in a sparkly bodysuit sings on stage during the Eras Tour
Taylor Swift has inspired thousands of Christmas ornaments to celebrate the holidays in Swiftie style this year. (Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

’Tis the Damn Season ornament
Etsy shop owner Mike Fransisco told Fox News Digital that his ornament was inspired by his wife’s love for Swift.

“My wife has been a huge Taylor Swift fan since her “Fearless” album, and we love her song, ’Tis the Damn Season,'” he said.

The ornament is a play on words. It’s a reference to Swift’s song, “‘Tis the Damn Season,” and a creative tweaks of the holiday expression. (Mike Fransisco)

The ornament is a wooden wreath with the title of the song in the middle for a subtle nod to the song and the holiday season.

“‘Tis the Damn Season” is one of the songs from Swift’s ninth album “evermore,” which tells the story of someone going home for the holidays and partaking in a fleeting relationship.

Fransisco said he wanted to create something that would make sense for all who saw it.

“I wanted an ornament that would create conversations and have a meaning [for] anyone when they saw it on Christmas trees, whether they’re a Swiftie or not,” he said.

The couple’s Etsy shop, DeliteDecor, sells the ornament in various sizes; it’s priced from $16.99 to $21.99.

The Year I Saw the Eras Tour ornament
Etsy shop WhimsylittlethingsCo told Fox News Digital that its festive ornament was made for those who spent time “battling Ticketmaster” to see the most popular music tour of 2023.

“We knew people would want to commemorate their time spent battling Ticketmaster and fighting to see the hottest show of the year,” the owner said.

This ornament can be for someone who attended the Eras Tour in 2023 — or used as an announcement for tickets to a 2024 tour. (Whimsy Little Things)

The owner continued, “With friendship bracelet trading being so big at the concerts, it was such a fun way to showcase your favorite bracelet.”

The ornament is customizable, so customers can change the “I” in “The year I saw the Eras Tour” to “we” and the year from 2023 to 2024 — if they’re planning on seeing the pop star on tour next year.

The shop owners added that they felt “such joy” in making these ornaments for people to add their own friendship bracelets to, whether they’ve seen the three-plus hour show in person yet or not.

“It’s been so heartwarming to know we are going to be a part of so many Christmas surprises when they find out they are going to the Eras Tour in 2024 as a present on Christmas Day,” they said.

The ornament can be found on their Etsy shop for between $11.31 and $15.66, depending on if the buyer wants a friendship bracelet included in the order.

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce ornament
Etsy shop owner Greg Wilson told Fox News Digital his ornament design is definitely timely.

“To celebrate the budding relationship between global pop icon Taylor Swift and the Chiefs’ all-American hero Travis Kelce, I was inspired to create a digital holiday image of the couple,” he said.

The “Have yourself a Swelce Christmas” ornament is a nod to the pop star’s current romance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. (Greg M Wilson | PhotoGregory)

Wilson said the ornament was made by engraving a photoshopped image of the couple onto maple plywood and then cutting it to create an ornament.

The ornament “symbolizes the connection between the high-spirited musician and the celebrated athlete,” said Wilson, who runs the LaserCutGiftsStudio shop.

He added that in less than a month, more than half of the limited-edition ornament stock has been sold.

The ornament is priced at $24.95 on Etsy.

Eras Tour Friendship Bracelet ornament
One Swiftie designed an ornament to represent the Eras Tour 2023 and the friendship bracelets that have become quite the fashion trend among fans.

Margaret Beles is the Etsy shop owner of DoTellDesignStudio, who said she created a friendship bracelet ornament using 22 individual acrylic pieces.

This Swift-inspired ornament is a friendship bracelet that represents each album by Swift with various colors. (Leslie Page Photography)

She told Fox News Digital that it was “the most labor of love” — as a laser cutter was used to create the appearance of beads on a bracelet.

“All of the beads are colors that represent each album,” she said.

Beles said the ornament is oversized and can be purchased on dotelldesigns.com for $39.00.

Cornelia Street ornament
Another Etsy shop owner shared her creation, which includes a nod to one of Swift’s songs from the “Lover” album.

Kathie Legg is the Etsy ChevyChaseHuntClub shop owner who’s listed an ornament that represents the street sign in one of Swift’s popular songs — “Cornelia Street.”

The “Cornelia Street” ornament represents the actual street sign from the New York City-inspired song. (Kathie Legg)

Legg told Fox News Digital that she started making these ornaments with her two daughters for their personal Christmas trees — and decided to start selling them online.

“The magic of Taylor Swift is that fans feel personally connected with her life — and the portion of her life, where she lived on Cornelia Street, seems like a particularly special part of Taylor’s life,” she said.

The 2019-released song shares Swift’s memories of her time living on Cornelia Street in New York City — and falling in love with someone and hoping it never ends, or she would never be able to “walk Cornelia Street” again.

Swifties across the nation have taken their creativity skills to the internet after creating unique and timely Christmas ornaments this holiday season.

Legg said the ornament she made is based on the actual street sign of the New York City street — and the font is accurate.

“I felt like her fans could find it meaningful to commemorate that,” she said.

The ornament is for sale on Etsy for $20.00.