Taylor Swift is given the meme treatment by cricket fans as they joke the pop star looks like ‘a lethal left-arm wrist-spinner’ – and dream of a partnership with the late Shane Warne

Taylor Swift is in the midst of her Eras Tour which will entail 151 shows in total
A photo from one of her shows ended up looking like a cricket bowling action
The pop star was subsequently at the centre of several hilarious cricket memes
Taylor Swift was subjected to several hilarious cricket memes after an image of her performing circulated on social media.

The iconic pop star is in the midst of her Eras Tour, with 151 shows across five continents scheduled.

However, in an article discussing the difficulties of securing tickets to see her live, one eagle-eyed supporter jumped upon the image being used, which looked like a bowling action.

They said: ‘Does this picture make it look as if Taylor Swift is about to unleash a lethal left-arm wrist-spinner? Or do I just have a one-track mind?’

The post received plenty of traction, as it garnered 3.7million views, with others joining in on memeing Swift in regards to cricket.

Taylor Swift was subjected to several hilarious memes by cricket supporters on social media

An image of her performing was turned into a shot of her bowling left-arm wrist-spin

One post compared her to ex-Australia star Brad Hogg, who took 180 wickets for his country

Another one insisted that Swift and the late great Shane Warne would’ve made a fine pairing
A cheeky post from Big Bash side Brisbane Heat compared her to their bowler Mitch Swepson

One had super-imposed a ball in her left hand, while adding renowned umpire Michael Gough behind her as if Swift was taking part in a game.

Others likened her to famous left-arm wrist-spin bowlers including former Australia star Brad Hogg, who picked up 180 wickets across all three formats, including 156 in ODIs.

A separate post had a photo of them side-by-side and said: ‘Taylor Swift’s hero is Brad Hogg.’

Another user shared a post of Swift next to arguably the greatest bowler of all-time in the late Shane Warne and added: ‘Which batsmen could dominate these spin twins?’

A further humorous post from Big Bash side Brisbane Heat added a photo of Swift next to their own leg-spinner Mitch Swepson – who has also played 15 times for Australia – and simply said: ‘Who did it better?’

Others could barely contain their excitement at the cricket memes on display for one of the most famous pop stars in the world.

One said: ‘Taylor Swift fans, the cricket community would just like to let you know she’s ours now,’ before another added: ‘If you want to get a friend into cricket then show them Taylor Swift bowling leg spin.’

Other cricket fans could barely contain their excitement at the links between Swift and cricket
Several further posts utilised shots from her career and compared them to cricketing gestures
They mocked Swift as if she had missed out on a wicket and had her head in her hands
One final hilarious post had Swift stationed as if she was an umpire signalling a wide ball

Several other posts memed Swift further as they used various images from her glittering career to compare them to cricket actions or terminology.

For example, one shot of her pointing was captioned: ‘Howzzatt?’, as if she was appealing to the umpire for a wicket.

Another post had a photo of Swift’s head in her hands as if she had just missed out on a wicket, with the caption: ‘Misses the outside edge and beats the keeper.’

Meanwhile one final hilarious post had Swift’s arms outstretched in a grab from a music video, accompanied by the words ‘wide ball’, likening her to an umpire.