Taylor Swift says, “Virtue is better than wealth because virtue is fulfilling but wealth is not,” in response to Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes about her boyfriend Travis Kelce. Wealth cannot create virtue, but virtue can produce wealth. The intellect in her makes Travis proud.

Jimmy Kimmel has trolled Travis Kelce, insisting he remains Taylor Swift’s ‘broke boyfriend’ even after signing a new, $34million contract.

Virtue is mostly admired but least practiced. We seem to preach virtue but practice vice. We all know how important it is to love and yet only a few of us really love. We point accusing fingers at people and circumstances as the reason why we are not as good as we would like to be or as justification for our badness.

But truth be told, the problem lies with us. Circumstances and people do not change who we are. They reveal the weaknesses in or of our character. For instance, if people can cause you to hate them, it is not that they are too powerful but that your love is weak. Hatred cannot conquer love.

Love is stronger than hate. So before you blame, pause long enough to think of whether you’re not to blame for your situation. In fact, what we refer to as virtue is nothing by strength of character. And virtue is better than wealth because virtue is fulfilling but wealth is not. Virtue can produce wealth but wealth cannot produce virtue. Don’t just speak the truth — be true. Don’t act good— be good. Above all, seek to be rich in love! Be virtuous! ..

Earlier this week, the tight end and the Chiefs reached an agreement on a new, two-year extension though the 2027 season.

The deal sees Kelce become the highest-paid tight end in football, with his new average annual salary worth $17.125 million – eclipsing that of New York Giants tight end Darren Waller.

Kelce’s NFL career has previously been described as a ‘side-hustle’ given his money-making ventures off the field.