“There’s Always Pressure”: Patrick Mahomes Urges Chiefs to ‘Learn From the Mistakes’ Before They Enter the Play-Offs

Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, and the entire Chiefs kingdom were upset after two back-to-back losses: one against the Packers and the second against the Bills. However, the second loss was more pinching for Mahomes and company due to a controversial call and the quarterback’s sideline meltdown. But this time, the Chiefs made no mistakes. Despite a drop from tight end Travis Kelce, they stayed calm and won the matchup against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

It seems Mahomes is learning from his past mistakes. Not just him, but his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, have learned a lot as well. With their latest win, the KC team has more than a 99 percent chance to make it to the playoffs. So, the star QB is urging his teammates to work harder before their playoff entrance.

Patrick Mahomes and playoff plans

After defeating the Patriots 27-17, the Chiefs’ QB, Patrick Mahomes, appeared for a post-game conference where he talked about finding his way to get the same honor and winning status back in the season.

He shared the reason for his win over the Pats, revealing his plans for the upcoming games. “I thought we did a good job that last drive of burning some time off the clock and so you got to learn from the mistakes. Keep doing it, keep getting better. I’m going to try to play our best football.”

Furthermore, when asked about the pressure in the games, especially after his two consecutive losses, Mahomes calmly responded, “There’s always pressure but obviously losing two games,” had indeed put more pressure on the team, as they did not want to lose this time.

Mahomes thinks it was a tough job to overcome the losses, but his team did well, both offensively and defensively. Furthermore, scoring points early helped the team to win over Bill Belichick’s struggling team.

Reasons why the Chiefs won over the Patriots!

The Chiefs had a challenging game against the Pats, facing difficulties with a missed field goal and inconsistent play from their wide receivers. Despite these challenges, KC secured the win by tightening their defense in the second half. They made a crucial interception at the beginning of the third quarter and forced several punts, allowing their defense to go on a 13-0 run.

This defensive effort, combined with efficient third down conversions, helped them break a losing streak. The turning point came after halftime when the Chiefs intercepted a pass, leading to a quick touchdown and extending their lead. The Pats struggled to convert third downs, and the Chiefs capitalized on this, limiting New England to just two successful third down conversions out of 12 attempts.

Eventually, the Chiefs won against the Pats with a 10 point lead.