“This is all for my baby, Taylor swift composed a song’ for Travis Kelce during her Australia Tour.


Taylor Swift fans are Tsure to be going gaga over her hot new romance with Travis Kelce. That was after the Kansas City Chiefs secured a hard-fought win in the Super Bowl game on Sunday night, with the football star warming hearts towards Swift.


"This is all for my baby, Taylor swift  composed a song' for Travis Kelce  during her Australia Tour.

Following the Super Bowl LVIII that turned hot with great plays, cameras captured Swift waiting on the field near Kelce’s mother, Donna, as the tight end wrapped up his post-game interviews. Upon finally making it to them, he greeted them with love by hugging his mom first and then gently enfolding Swift with kisses and tight embraces.

It’s almost as if it were the Chiefs’ year, in the words of one of Swift’s famous tracks.

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After traveling 5,000 miles to support Travis Kelce at the Super Bowl, Taylor Swift was treated to a lavish Valentine’s Day celebration.

Swift made a whirlwind trip from Tokyo to Las Vegas for Super Bowl LVIII, where Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers. Following a celebratory bash in Vegas, Swift jetted off to Melbourne, Australia, for the next leg of her Eras Tour.
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Travis Kelce had one question for Taylor Swift when he saw her after Super Bowl

Upon her arrival in Australia, Swift was greeted with extravagant Valentine’s Day gifts from Kelce, totaling close to 14,000 dollars.
What gifts did Travis Kelce buy for Taylor Swift?

The gifts included a 2,100-dollar arrangement of 250 ‘Eternity’ roses, which can last up to a year if properly cared for.

The roses were presented in a ‘Parisian-inspired Hat Box,’ symbolizing a grand gesture of love and luxury. Swift also received a 2,100-dollar hot pink flower arrangement and a 3,100-dollar rose sculpture from Perigold.

Kelce didn’t stop there, adding a 1,100-dollar black lambskin Dior beret, a 5,100-dollar handbag from Bottega Veneta, and a wide-brimmed Celine straw hat to Swift’s Valentine’s Day haul. These gifts were carefully selected to complement Swift’s rumored European getaways, including trips to Paris, London, and Milan.