Tom Brady should be a studio analyst for NFL games on Fox Sports – rather than an in-game announcer – claims Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas… who also wades in on Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift

Tom Brady is due to join the Fox Sports team on the network’s NFL coverage
Veteran broadcaster Bob Costas explained how he would use the iconic QB

Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas believes Tom Brady should be in the studio when he begins his new life as an NFL analyst – rather than commentating on games.

The legendary quarterback, 46, retired earlier this year after 23 seasons in the NFL. In the fall of 2024, he will begin a new chapter in the broadcast booth with Fox Sports.

Brady has previously said he will use the next year to spend time with his family but also to prepare himself to work in front of the camera.

And Costas, who has spent decades behind the microphone, suggested Brady should study former Yankees star Derek Jeter. He also believes the 46-year-old would be better suited to life in the studio.

‘They didn’t ask me and I don’t expect them to, but if I were running it, I’d use him in the studio rather than on games,’ Costas told the Post.

Tom Brady will begin a new chaper in the broadcast booth with Fox Sports in 2024

Hall of Fame broadcaster Bob Costas says Brady should be in the studio rather than on games

‘The glamor factor, the on-camera factor, and also it’s less of a strain on him. The level of preparation to work a game and what it takes to get the hang of it, it’s just an easier fit in the studio.’

When asked what advice he would give Brady, the broadcasted added: ‘I would say watch Derek Jeter this past postseason.

‘Here’s a guy who was famously circumspect about everything, but was willing in his own way to step out and be more critical than we’ve ever seen him be.

‘Because if you’re not willing to be critical, which is not to be harsh or take potshots, but if you’re not willing to be forthright, then you’re not serving the viewers.’

Costas also suggested the legendary quarterback should study the work of Derek Jeter (R)
Costas also offered his thoughts on the romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, which has dominated the NFL this season.

Many fans have criticized the networks for how much the singer has featured on broadcasts. Costas said: ‘It’s not a big priority for me, but if people are amused by it, so much the better.

‘It doesn’t bother me when they take a shot of her after he’s caught a pass or scored a touchdown, so what?

‘I don’t understand the extremes. I don’t understand people who are obsessed with it, and I don’t understand people that are really annoyed by it.’