Travis Kelce: Bengals Said ‘F*** You, Travis’ by Drafting Tyler Eifert

Cincinnati rolled with Tyler Eifert as their tight end pick that draft.

CINCINNATI — Ja’Marr Chase and Travis Kelce are keeping the flames stoked in the Bengals-Chiefs rivalry as Kelce noted on the New Heights Podcast presented by Wave Sports that he hasn’t forgotten the Bengals passing him over for Tyler Eifert in the 2013 NFL Draft.

“I look forward to playing them just because there the Cincinnati Bengals,” Kelce said. “I went to the University of Cincinnati and they picked a tight end over me in the draft. Not necessarily held it against them, but they definitely completely just said, ‘F*** you, Travis,’ when they drafted the other tight end. You can’t tell me that they didn’t do that. I was sitting right there in their backyard.”

Eifert played in just 74 games across eight seasons, while Kelce has been one of the most durable, and dominant tight ends in the history of the NFL as he continues a Hall-of-Fame run.