Travis Kelce Bought A Ring?? Taylor Swift’s Beau Allegedly Told Family Member He’s ‘Got That Down’!!

Bought A Ring For Taylor Swift?! Travis Kelce Allegedly Told Family Member He’s ‘Got That Down’

Fuel keeps being added to the fire of those proposal rumors!

It seems like every day some new rumors are circulating about Travis Kelce‘s supposed plans to propose to Taylor Swift! It all started when whispers began surrounding the pop star’s 34 birthday party, where the NFL star was said to have been planning “something special” for his lady. Many thought he was going to use the “opportunity to propose“.

That didn’t happen apparently. But after that, a close friend of the Kansas City Chiefs player dished that she could see him and Tay Tay putting a ring on it soon because of how in love they are!! Oh, and how could we forget when a football announcer called her Travis’ WIFE instead of GF?! LOLz! All signs seem to be pointing in one direction! And now the rumors are continuing…

This is obviously to be taken with a (HUGE!) grain of salt, but on the most recent episode of DeuxMoi‘s Deux U podcast this week, the outlet received an anonymous tip from a listener about the tight end’s plans. The email detailed that a sister-in-law of the anon attended the Miracle in Kansas City Christmas pop-up that the 34-year-old musician and her beau have been going to a lot recently. While the family member was there, the source claims, she saw Trav and eavesdropped in on his conversation with a cousin.

Recalling that she didn’t remember the “exact wording” of what was said, the listener dished that Travis’ cousin asked if he was planning on buying a ring anytime soon, to which he said:

“Already got that down.”


So he’s already bought her a ring?! Continuing, the sister-in-law claims she didn’t hear how his cousin responded to the remark, but the 34-year-old professional athlete supposedly said he had “something big in the works” that made him “nervous” but “it feels right.” WHOA!!

If this person heard what she thought she did, it sounds like a proposal might be imminent! Which is wild!! But, like, would U really be surprised if these two love birds tied the knot ASAP?? We’ve wondered about it in the recent past only to be let down by the question never getting popped, of course. But hey, ya never know… Right?? Let us know your thoughts about this possible engagement situation down in the comments (below)!