Travis Kelce Fans Defend Him Over Taylor Swift ‘Love Bite’ Claims

Travis Kelce Fans Defend Him Over Taylor Swift ‘Love Bite’ Claims
Many didn’t agree with one person’s new theory.

Fans are coming to the defense of Travis Kelce after someone highlighted a photo of the football star from the Dec. 17 game versus the New England Patriots, claiming he had a “love bite” from Taylor Swift.

On TikTok, a user shared a bunch of snapshots showing Kelce on screen with a small reddish mark on the right side of his neck. They captioned the post, “#HICKEY#LOVEBITE,” before tagging both Kelce and his podcast, New Heights.

At the same time, another fan posted a clip of the moment Kelce’s neck was visible during the game.

Some fans thought the same thing about the mark’s origin, writing comments like, “I thought the same thing INSTANTLY when I saw it,” and “I’ll be delulu and assume it’s from what we think it’s from ✨ good for them – love to see it 😂.”

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But others believed it was just an injury that occurred while playing football, noting Kelce’s appearance at the start of the game. In the comments, a fan suggested that the mark could’ve been “from playing a game of football,” but the original poster seemed convinced it was a hickey.

“Football to the neck, you’re probably right😂,” they replied.

In response, many fans noted that Kelce didn’t have the mark before the football game, meaning it likely had to have happened on the field: “It’s a scratch from the game, he doesn’t have it in the pregame pics.”

“I saw that too and was like 😱🤣😂but then I saw him right before the game and he didn’t have anything so I’m guessing from the game😒🤣😂😅,” said another.

While Swifties and fans of Kelce love to analyze their romance day to day, it seems like this one might just be a simple injury.

Kelce even got shoved during the game, and Swift was seen shouting in frustration. Luckily, the Chiefs went on to win the game against the Patriots, making it an exciting night for everyone involved.