Travis Kelce fans react to his incomplete passes and tantrums on the sidelines call it “Taylor Swift Curse”

Travis Kelce gets backlash from Chiefs fans over ball drops

The Chiefs are facing the Las Vegas Raiders on Christmas Day and it seems that the 20-7 loss in the 4th quarter will be a difficult ship to steet to victory, meanwhile, fans reacted to Travis Kelce’s frustration tjhat was caught on video.

Fans react to Travis Kelce’s mishaps

Travis Kelce and Mahomes yell at teammates and toss helmets in intense Chiefs moment
After a fake punt attempt, when the Raiders scored 14 points on defensive touchdowns in 7 seconds, Travis Kelce could not take it anymore and was visibly upset, he took off his helmet, kept on screaming and then threw it on the sidelines, the helmet then bounced off to the staff area.

Luckily, nobody got physically hurt, however, fans reacted on social media and are raining down on Kelce for doing a lot of promotions and not enough time on the field.

It has not been a good day for the Chiefs with Mahomes throwing to Kelce and the tight end dropping the ball while wide open at about a 7-yard distance from the Chiefs QB.

Kelce has gathered a lot of attention due to his magnetic personality and big smile, features that Taylor Swift seems to be atracked to and has given the couple a lot of attention. Kelce has been the face of many commercials and fans are reacting to his time spent off the field and in front of the camera.

Although the Chiefs have alreay clinched a post-season position, they have been struggling the last games, especially when it comes to dropped passes, which they lead with 25.