Travis Kelce’s designer reveals he was still sewing Chiefs star’s Christmas gifts the night before he wanted them… and says his wife told him to throw something in for Taylor Swift!

Daniel Patrick provided 38 jumpsuits to Travis Kelce for his Chiefs teammates
Whether any part of the order was for Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, isn’t known

The designer for Travis Kelce’s Christmas presents for his Kansas City Chiefs teammates revealed he was working until the very last moment to get the order completed.

‘A week-and-a-half or two weeks before Christmas, [Kelce] hit me up and was like, “Do we still have enough time?”‘ Daniel Patrick told The Messenger. ‘I said, “Yeah, we can make it happen.”‘

‘We literally had to move heaven and Earth to get in done in time,’ Patrick continued.

Patrick and his team made 38 jumpsuits for Kelce’s order, with the famous sports designer unsure whether one of those plus-three-dozen included an outfit for Kelce’s girlfriend Taylor Swift.

‘I don’t know if he ordered one for her,’ Patrick told The Messenger. ‘He just gave me the sizes.

Travis Kelce’s Christmas gifts for his teammates were being prepared until the last minute

Famous designed Daniel Patrick (right) made 38 jumpsuits for the Chiefs in a short span

‘My wife was like, “You should throw some stuff in there for her.” I was like, “I don’t have time!” I didn’t want to impose on that relationship, either.’

The order was confirmed to be delivered safe and in time for the holiday by Kelce on Wednesday’s ‘New Heights’ podcast.

‘They were sewing until midnight on Tuesday night, and it had to be delivered on Wednesday,’ Patrick added to The Messenger.

‘I literally folded and tagged bags to put it all together. I wrapped each individual set myself.’

The jumpsuits came in either black or gray, per Patrick.

‘It’s an oversized hoodie and a sweatpant,’ Patrick said. ‘The sweatpant was a parachute, almost a little bit of a drop-crotch to it.’

Patrick didn’t reveal to The Messenger how much Kelce paid for the gifts but hinted at the size of the lump sum.

‘I told [Kelce] the price, and he didn’t bat an eyelid… it wasn’t cheap,’ Patrick added.

Kelce gave Patrick a shoutout on this week’s episode of the ‘New Heights’ podcast for the gifts

Last week, Patrick Mahomes gifted some of his Chiefs teammates golf carts for Christmas. Patrick believes his services made Kelce the better gift-giver.

‘It sure beats a golf cart,’ Patrick said.

Kelce and the Chiefs are next in action on New Year’s Eve when they host Cincinnatti Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.