“valentine’s note Travis sent to Taylor swift ahead of her Australia concert.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are already on the moon with the Super Bowl 2024, but will their schedule let Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have been making quite the headlines. They are the hottest couple trending right now, and fans are curious what are their plans for Valentine’s Day.


"valentine's note Travis sent to Taylor swift ahead of her Australia concert.

After defeating the San Fransisco 49ers, Chiefs’ Kelce won his Third Super Bowl ring. From the moment the couple went public about their relationship, both the stars have tried supporting each other in every way possible. them spend Valentine’s Day together?

After the Chiefs’ win, the couple celebrated their win in Las Vegas. And now, the big question is whether the couple can get some time from their busy schedule to spend some quality time with each other. Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift be able to spend their first Valentine’s Day together?


Travis Kelce, with his third Super Bowl win, is already having some of the best times of his career, but winning the Super Bowl doesn’t give anybody the ticket to enjoy some time off. Following the victory, Kelce and the Chiefs have several celebratory events lined up ahead

However, she does have a concert in Melbourne, Australia on Feb. 16, which could interfere with her plans. The flight time between Kansas City and Australia is about 18 to 19 hours, and given that Australia is 17 hours ahead of Kansas City, she would be cutting it close if she attended the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory parade on Feb. 14.