Watch: Eagles GM Howie Roseman admits Jason Kelce is ‘irreplaceable’ as he opens up on the team’s plans to find a successor

Roseman, who’s been in his role since 2010 despite also being the organization’s executive vice president for the last five years, appeared on ESPN to talk about the Eagles’ approach to finding a successor to Kelce, who was instrumental in Philly’s famous ‘tush push’ on offense these last few seasons, as well as the Super Bowl-winning team in 2017.

‘How do you replace a guy like that?’ asked co-host of the Pat McAfee Show A.J. Hawk about Kelce. ‘Can you talk a little bit about what he actually meant to that franchise and the people there and everything about it because that guy is just… a real gem. He seems to be somebody I feel like from all corners of the Earth you have to love that dude.’

‘The best and you don’t replace that,’ Roseman replied. ‘And I think that it would be disingenuous to even pretend that we’re going to replace Jason Kelce. The person and the player. And I mean this is a first ballot HOFer, both on and off the field.

And so, I think for us we gotta continue to build the team. It’s the ultimate team game to understand that he is a huge loss.’