What is Travis Kelce planning with Taylor Swift for the off days from Eras Tour? Here’s what we know

Travis Kelce, intent on ensuring Taylor Swift’s well-deserved rest during the Eras Tour off days, plans romantic getaways in Europe, including luxurious hotels, fine dining, and scenic exploration.

In the whirlwind of celebrity romances, the unexpected connection between global pop sensation Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs football star Travis Kelce has captivated fans since their public debut in October 2023. Swift’s Eras Tour initially brought Kelce into the spotlight when he attended a concert in July, marking the beginning of a series of flirtatious exchanges and football game appearances. The couple’s low-key approach to their relationship garnered widespread attention, with Kelce playfully addressing the rumors in various interviews. From surprise game appearances to attending SNL together, Swift and Kelce’s evolving romance has taken center stage, culminating in shared holiday festivities and Christmas celebrations with both families present.

How is Travis Kelce surprising Taylor Swift for the off days from Eras Tour?
Travis Kelce is pulling out all the stops to ensure Taylor Swift gets the rest she deserves during her breaks from the Eras Tour in Europe later this year. The star-tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs has gone above and beyond, securing accommodations at opulent hotels in both France and Italy. Additionally, he has made exclusive reservations at some of the finest restaurants in these countries for their enjoyment, as reported by The US Sun.

According to a source close to Kelce, “He booked some very nice hotels suites and tables at great restaurants to take her on days off. He wants to take her on romantic getaways to have her relax and go discover those nice cities and European romantic places together.”

Travis Kelce has not only witnessed Taylor Swift’s performance in Argentina but has also gone the extra mile to ensure her comfort during the Eras Tour in Europe. Reportedly, Kelce has reserved a suite at the luxurious Four Seasons George V hotel in Paris, known for its exclusivity and a nightly rate of approximately $6,300.

As the Anti-Hero singer makes her way to Italy, Kelce has reportedly secured accommodations at the prestigious Hotel Principe de Savoia in Milan and the stunning Hotel de Russie in Rome. The latter, with its breathtaking surroundings, comes with a hefty price tag of $12,000 per night.

Additionally, the insider revealed, “He also booked tables and quick day trips to some food and wine tours, as he wants to take her to Italy’s rural side, and spend time with her in the most gorgeous vineyards and beautiful countryside spots.”

According to a recent report from The Daily Mail, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrated Christmas together at Kelce’s home in Kansas City. The source indicated that Kelce, joined by his father Ed, warmly welcomed Taylor Swift and her family, including her mother, father, and brother.

A source close to Taylor expressed the significance of the festive occasion, stating, “Seeing their families together on such a special holiday was the best gift ever for Taylor.” The source added, “She’s never had this happen before, and it made the holiday the most meaningful one for her. Her friends think that this is just more proof that Travis is going to be a Swiftie for life.”