Why Patrick Mahomes’ trainer is keeping a close eye on Bengals’ Tee Higgins decision?

Mahomes’ trainer dislikes the Bengals

Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Bengals’ wide receiver Tee Hig
Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Bengals’ wide receiver Tee Higgins.

Patrick Mahomes’ trainer Bobby Stroupe has made no secret of his disdain for the Cincinnati Bengals, and now he’s closely monitoring the decision involving Tee Higgins. The rivalry between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Bengals has intensified as Joe Burrow and Mahomes have battled it out in the postseason.

As both teams have fallen short of their high expectations this season, Stroupe is closely observing the contract situation with Tee Higgins in Cincinnati. The Bengals are faced with the challenge of deciding on extensions for Higgins, Tyler Boyd, and Ja’Marr Chase. Stroupe’s engagement in a Twitter exchange with Joe Goodberry revealed his subtle jab at the Bengals, expressing hope that they encounter similar receiver troubles to the Chiefs.

The impending decision regarding Higgins’ contract is of particular interest to Stroupe. He anticipates that Ja’Marr Chase will likely secure an extension, leaving the question of whether it will be Higgins or Tyler Boyd who remains with the team.

Higgins, in his fourth year in the league, has impressively achieved back-to-back 1,000+ yard seasons in 2021 and 2022, along with 656 yards and five touchdowns from 42 receptions this season. On the other hand, Boyd, in his eighth year, has two 1,000-yard seasons but has not surpassed that total since 2019. This season, Boyd has accumulated 663 yards and two touchdowns from 66 receptions, making the decision seemingly straightforward for the Bengals.

He says Bengals should retain Higgins
“It seems a fairly easy decision for Cincinnati in terms of who they extend and who they let walk,” said Stroupe, implying that the Bengals should prioritize retaining Higgins over Boyd. The statistics clearly favor Higgins as the more impactful player in recent years.

The Bengals face an intriguing choice, and based on the performance comparison between Higgins and Boyd, it appears that retaining Higgins would be the logical move for the team. Stroupe’s hope is that the Bengals’ decision-making in this matter may lead to their downfall.

The looming contract decision for Higgins has captured Stroupe’s attention, as he closely observes how the Bengals navigate this critical juncture.