“you are a sadist for trying’ to find fault in swift mode of celebration. “Travis kelce slamed Andrew Tate for cyber bullying of Taylor swift.


Andrew Tate again makes headlines as he takes a shot at Piers Morgan and Taylor

Swift.Super Bowl 2024 finished with Kansas City Chiefs’ stunning win against San Francisco 49ers in overtime. After the game, multi-millionaire Andrew Tate once again found himself making headlines for his controversial comments. The former Big Brother’ participant took a shot at Taylor Swift for enjoying the Super Bowl 2024.



Taylor Swift was seen at Super Bowl 2024 supporting her partner, Travis Kelce’s team alongside Blake Lively and Ice Spice. Chiefs won the match 25-22 making it more special for the ve birds. Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce shared a kiss after his team won the Super Bowl 2024.

In a wholesome video shared by Piers Morgan, Taylor Swift is seen chugging beer with her friend. Morgan quoted the video, “Her boyfriend may have won the Super Bowl but

@taylorswift13, chugging beer on the jumbotron was👌”. The moment when she was chugging the beer the 49ers were leading 3-0 and some didn’t like the attitude Taylor Swift had when her partner’s team was down by 3.

But, someone didn’t like that attitude towards their man. That man is none other than Andrew Tate. Andrew Tate, taking adig at Taylor Swift, called her actions, “Haram” by replying to the video posted by Morgan after Chiefs’ overtime win. Andrew Tate is known for making bold and offensive comments on women.


After Andrew Tate posted “going to sleep” after Super Bowl 2024 started, fans were wondering whether he watched the Super Bowl or not. The simple answer is no. In his tweet, he also questioned the fans enjoying the game while seeing Taylor Swift drinking beer.

Super Bowl 2024 ended with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce enjoying the big win. But for Andrew Tate, he is already battling his legal issues in Romania. Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate were arrested in Romania in December 2022. Currently, they are out on bail but they can’t leave Romania.