After Shock Home Defeat to the Eagles, Patrick Mahomes Absent From Jackson Mahomes Union

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ defeat against the Philadelphia Eagles is making waves in the NFL fraternity. Defending champions met their former Super Bowl contender, and faced a harrowing defeat against them. Moreover, the Eagles got their Super Bowl revenge, but the Chiefs took home a defeat and got exposed to their flaws. In the midst of the 2023 NFL season, the Chiefs are facing a huge barrier with their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes being a strong pillar of the Chiefs’ offensive line, threw a few interceptions followed by sluggish passes against the Eagles. However, after a loss, Mahomes was absent at his family reunion, where his mom Randi Mahomes, brother Jackson Mahomes, and younger sister Mia Mahomes met.

Patrick Mahomes absent from the reunion

Jackson Mahomes shared an Instagram story featuring himself, Randi Mahomes, and Mia Mahomes. However, Patrick Mahomes’ absence caught the attention of the masses, following a disappointing matchup against the Eagles.
Jackson shared a selfie of the trio where they were in a car and seemed to be having a happy family time. Needless to say, the Mahomes enthusiasts were keen on witnessing their star quarterback with his family, but couldn’t see him anywhere.

The Chiefs once were on a victory drill and halfway down the season, the Chiefs were exposed to their flaws that could create a roadblock to their consecutive Super Bowl victory.

The Chiefs defeat against the Eagles
In the clash between the Chiefs and the Eagles, the Chiefs succumbed to a 21-17 defeat. The Eagles’ defense proved to be a significant obstacle for the Chiefs’ offense, with Patrick Mahomes struggling to find his rhythm. The Monday night football matchup turned into a nightmare for the Chiefs, as their star quarterback acknowledged his shortcomings in a post-match conference. Mahomes admitted, “I think offensively I’m just not where I want to be at this point in the season,“

The Eagles, seeking revenge for their Super Bowl LVII defeat against the Chiefs, capitalized on their opportunity. Jalen Hurts’ touchdown run in the second half marked a significant turnaround in the game. However, the Chiefs being a commendable force in the league know how to overcome their flaws. Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts on the Chiefs reviving themselves from the setbacks.