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Breaking News:North West disses Taylor Swift like her dad Kanye as Kim Kardashian rushes to delete TikTok



Kanye West has a long-standing feud with Taylor Swift, which didn’t seem to be over earlier this year when he allegedly tried to upstage her at the Super Bowl with his wife Bianca (though the reported attempt was unsuccessful).

Now, it appears Ye’s eldest daughter is continuing his feud with Taylor by posting an eyebrow-raising TikTok featuring the singer’s music and dancing, which her mother, Kim Kardashian, was quick to take down.

The 10-year-old stirred up significant attention online when a TikTok repost video, seemingly aimed at Taylor Swift, surfaced on the joint account managed by North and her mother, Kim. Many interpreted this action as a playful, albeit suspicious, jest at the singer, especially given her parents’ history with Swift

The video spotlighted Taylor Swift, 34, displaying uninhibited and carefree dance moves in her 2017 music video for Delicate. In the clip, Swift danced barefoot in a blue, tasselled mini dress through a hotel lobby, even playfully engaging with security guards.

Seemingly written by North, there was text overlaid that provocatively questioned, “So this is your favorite singer?” with the caption, “I’m sorry, what?” Many comments said this seemed like a direct diss at Taylor and her fan base.

The internet’s response was swift and diverse, with fans and observers converging on platforms like Reddit to share their opinions on the incident.

LMAOOO North is so messy,” one person wrote, while another added, “It’s the only repost on their account. This is hilarious I don’t think she meant to repost it.”

Another fan speculated that North’s dig at Taylor may be based on what she hears her parents say – even recently, Ye wasn’t afraid to call out Taylor on his new Vultures album as well as deny claims on social media he tried to upstage her at the Super Bowl.

“Uh oh lol, I understand North probably saw it online but I hope [Kim and Kanye West] are not spewing hate behind the scenes around their kids, that would just be ugly and unnecessary to let your kids know,” one concerned critics wrote.

Kanye And Taylor’s Feud Seems Alive After North’s TikTok

The feud between West and Swift ignited in 2009 during the MTV Video Music Awards when Ye famously interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, claiming Beyoncé should have won.

Later, in 2016, tensions escalated when Kanye released the song “Famous,” which contained derogatory lyrics about Swift. Despite West’s claims that Swift approved the lyrics, she vehemently denied any prior knowledge. Swift addressed the issue at the Grammy Awards, delivering a powerful acceptance speech that indirectly criticized West’s behavior.

The feud intensified when Swift’s phone call with West discussing the song was leaked by West’s then-wife, Kim Kardashian, on social media. However, the full context of the conversation wasn’t initially revealed, leading to further misunderstandings and public scrutiny.

While it may have seemed like the feud died down in recent years, North’s latest TikTok seems to prove there’s still bad blood between the Wests and Swift.

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